Ecological Transport

Rising energy prices, rapid depletion of non-renewable resources and climatic changes affect both the lives of people and state economies around the world. Transport as a whole is on the one hand a driving force of growth because it creates jobs and promotes economic and social development. On the other hand, however, it significantly contributes to the production of greenhouse gases, and therefore has an effect on the deteriorating state of the environment.

Škoda Transportation, nevertheless, sees this situation as an opportunity and focuses on ecological and clean transport. Our rolling and wheeled vehicles are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, and our experts are constantly working on their further improvement. The development of public transport is the first step towards modern eco-friendly cities which are not suffocating from the exhaust fumes from trucks and passenger cars. According to the statistics of the International Union of Railways the transportation sector is responsible for almost one quarter of all carbon dioxide emissions in the world. The rolling stock, however, causes less than one percent of these emissions. The use of public transport thus provides a solution on the way towards sustainable development.

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