The Škoda Transportation group will deliver the most modern ForCity Smart Artic trams to Finland

Helsinki/Plzeň, 21. 12. 2016 – The subsidiary of Škoda Transportation, Finnish Transtech, will deliver a total of 49 new modern vehicles to the capital of Finland. Helsinki City Transport HKL exercised an option for twenty low-floor trams for Helsinki city traffic, and signed a Letter of Intent for purchasing further 29 trams for the new “Raide-Jokeri“ line connecting the cities of Helsinki and Espoo. The total price for both contracts is over 150 million EUR.


These are two more important contracts that our Finnish subsidiary Transtech has acquired in recent months. Back in October we were named the prefered bidder of a tender for the third largest Finnish city of Tampere, for 15 - 20 modern ForCity Smart Artic trams. There could therefore be more than 100 trams with the Škoda logo in Finland in the near future. Thanks to these major accomplishments, Škoda is becoming a very strong player in the demanding Scandinavian market,“ says Zdeněk Majer, vice president of Škoda Transportation and chairman of Transtech.   

We are very pleased that Helsinki City Transport has a positive service experience with ForCity Smart Artic trams. The public itself also has a positive opinion of our vehicles. They especially appreciate the high comfort and design of the trams. Our vehicles were proven to be efficient in the severe northern conditions, which is also why we have been very successful in this market in the past year,“ adds Lasse Orre, CEO of Transtech Oy.

Helsinki City Transport appreciates the customer oriented approach that Transtech has had. The needs of the city of Helsinki and its citizens have seriously been taken into account in the product development. The experiences of ForCity Smart Artic trams have been very positive,says Ville Lehmuskoski, CEO of Helsinki City Transport.

Of the sixty ordered uni-directional trams for Helsinki City traffic, there are currently fourteen ForCity Smart Artic trams in service. The first two trams were delivered back in 2013, and they were subjected to rigorous tests in operation. Other vehicles bear since 2015 the logo of Škoda Transportation, which purchased a controlling interest in Transtech. The one-direction three-section ForCity Smart Artic tram with a gauge of 1,000 mm has a low floor and can accommodate 125 standing passengers (5 passengers/m2). In addition, the tram has 74 seats and 14 folding seats. The vehicle also offers easy barrier-free access for passengers in wheelchairs and prams.  

The ForCity Smart Artic Helsinki tram is the world's first mass-produced narrow-gauge 100% low-floor tram with a fully pivoting bogies. The all-wheel drive and robust bogies with axles allow trouble-free operation in the harsh climatic conditions of the capital of Finland,“ says Lasse Orre. The demanding track conditions were taken into account during the production of the ForCity Smart Artic tram. Efficient heating including thorough insulation and innovative use of brake energy for heating the vehicle were designed for the northern conditions.

The new ”Raide-Jokeri” line will be 25 kilometers long and it will connect the eastern part of Helsinki and Espoo. The route will have 33 stops and will replace the existing trunk bus route. The new bi-directional vehicles for this route will be 34 meters long. The first prototype shall be delivered in summer 2019.

Transtech is the largest rolling stock manufacturer in Scandinavia. The company was founded in 1985. Its main products include double-decker carriages (operated as PushPull sets), trams and engineering products. It currently employs more than 500 people.

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