Locomotives - preview


Modern multisystem locomotives continue in long-time tradition of Škoda.

Tramcars - preview


Eco-friendly and economical solution for modern infrastructure of every city.

Electric units - preview

Electric units

Modern single and doubledeck units for safe and comfortable travelling on interregional railroads.

Metro - preview


Flexible and effective solution of urban transport in big cities adjusted to customer´s wish.

Trolleybuses - preview


Exhaust fumes free vehicles for cleaner and ecological transport in city centres.

Coaches - preview


Modern rail vehicles for comfortable ride also on longer distances.

Motor cars and units - preview

Motor cars and units

Safe and comfortable rail cars for regional railroads.

Electric and hybrid buses - preview

Electric and hybrid buses

Environmentally friendly vehicles of the Third Millennium.

Repairs and modernization - preview

Repairs and modernization

Unique know-how and long-time experience of Škoda Transportation radically prolong vehicle lifespan.

Traction motors - preview

Traction motors

Powerful and efficient motors suitable for mining cars or street cars.

Drives - preview


Modern, powefrul and eco-friendly drives for urban transport vehicles.


Warranty Service - preview

Warranty Service

Maximum efficiency in vehicle maintenance.

Full service - preview

Full service

24 hours per day, 7 days per week - complete high-quality service