Push-pull trainset Slovakia

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The push-pull trainset is designed for transporting passengers in the environs of city agglomerations in Slovakia.

Škoda Vagonka from Ostrava produces a push-pull trainset consisting of double-deck driving trailer of series 951 together with connecting passenger coaches of series 051. The trainset is designed for transporting passengers on locomotive driven trains operated in the environs of city agglomerations on Slovakian railway tracks with a standard gauge of 1 435 mm. The body of the vehicle which is made of large aluminium parts significantly reduces the weight of the trainsets and extends their life.

A large-space interior, an efficient ventilation, heating and air-conditioning system, barrier-free vacuum WCs or power outlets for laptops increase the comfort of passengers. Information notices with an optional acoustic public address system are taken for granted. A low level of noise inside also contributes to the comfort of passengers. Persons with reduced mobility may use folding ramps to get on and off the train. Wide low-floor entrance doors for quick, comfortable and safe boarding and exiting of passengers, including passengers with luggage and prams, increase the efficiency of the operation.

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Technical description

Length of coaches

26 400 mm

Body width

 2 820 mm

Height of coaches

 4 635 mm

Track gauge

1 435 mm

Max. speed

160 km/h

Number of seats



Name: Ivo
Surname: Gurňák
E-mail: ivo.gurnak@skoda.cz
Phone: +420 59747 7311

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