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A zero-emission vehicle, which can travel up to 150 km.

Škoda HE (High Energy) PERUN is a modern twelve-metre bus equipped with advanced lithium-polymer (Li-Poly) batteries with high energy density for achieving long ranges per single charge. Thus, PERUN HE is suitable for use on routes, where there is no time capacity for continuous charging, or where the necessary fast-charging infrastructure cannot be established. When fully charged, the vehicle battery stores 222 kWh of energy, on which the electric bus can travel up to 150 km within the passenger transport, while still holding reserve energy for emergency travel. The vehicle can hold up to 82 passengers (including 27 seated). PERUN HE can go further 150 km in case of charging via the fast-charging station ŠKODA Ultra Fast Charger (UFC) in just 70 minutes, which is a significant advantage as compared with vehicles of competitors. In terms of long battery life and maintaining the longest range, it is advantageous to use slow mobile chargers ŠKODA during long night scheduled interruptions of the operation, as slow mobile chargers level off the individual cells of the battery to the same level of charging (balancing) within 6-8 hours (at input power 32A 3F at full discharge).

Incidentally, the electric battery of the bus PERUN HE consists of the total of 1134 cells with the individual voltage of 3.7 V. These (in units of 21 cells) are combined into modules, which are stored in the units of 18 pieces each (378 cells) in 3 battery boxes: we can find two of them in the back of the vehicle and one behind the driver’s cabin.

The electric bus ŠKODA PERUN HE is a sophisticated solution for advanced customers, who are not afraid to go with the times. And it can be recharged by means of the common charging gun anywhere, where they already use fast chargers for passenegr cars (BMW i3/i8, VW Golf EV, etc.), which meet Euro-American automotive standard COMBO II (CSS).

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Technical description


Perun HE


12 000 mm


2 550 mm


3 250 mm

Electric engine output

160 kW

Energy in the battery

Standard              221 kWh
Li-Pol (NMC)

Maximum range 

Standard             150 km
(SORT2, 90% discharge depth), 200 km max.

Max. speed

70 km/h

(can be combined)

COMBO standard  
0,5 C (200A) / 1,6 C ≤ 6 h

Total number of passengers

 82 (27 seated) 


Name: Radek
Surname: Svoboda
E-mail: radek.svoboda@skoda.cz
Phone: +420 37818 1350

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