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Electrobus with the fast-charging station ŠKODA Ultra Fast Charger.

The electric bus Škoda HP (High Power) Perun is an advanced twelve-metre bus equipped with batteries utilizing the most advanced knowledge in the field of nanotechnology. Due to such design of the battery cells, the vehicle can be charged in 5-8 minutes by means of a fully automated fast-charging infrastructure ŠKODA Ultra Fast Charger (UFC)! The electrobus PERUN HP Škoda is targeted at customers, who do not want to waste time on separate charging of the vehicle outside of the line, and instead, they want continuous charging on stops during boarding/exiting of passengers, or during turns at the end stations. The price to pay for the ability to charge the vehicle within minutes is the low capacity of the battery cells - HP PERUN can travel about 30 km per single charge and so fast-charging is a necessity. However, due to the rapid recovery of batteries, and moreover, during normal operations on the line, this electric bus can achieve longer daily ranges than in the case of a long range per single charge, namely with no impact on quality and ecology of the transport of passengers, as energy for electric heating/air-conditioning of the driver’s space and of the passengers’ saloon is always fast prepared due to fast charging. Finally, thanks to the lower battery weight compared with the model PERUN HE, the passenger capacity has increased by 3, so PERUN HP offers 27 seats and standing room for 58 persons. An increased efficiency in comparison with the model PERUN HE is also ensured by the use of the air conditioning unit with a heat pump, which enables conversion of waste heat from water cooling of battery cases to cold air led into the passenger saloon.

The electric bus ŠKODA PERUN HP is a top innovative solution for customers, who are not afraid to go with the times. Together with the fully automated fast charger ŠKODA UFC, they represent a robust alternative for demanding urban lines, and they do not forget practicality and versatility for the future - like in the case of the electric bus ŠKODA PERUN HE, this electric bus can be recharged by means of the common charging gun anywhere, where they already use fast chargers for passenger cars (BMW i3 / i8, VW Golf EV, etc.), which meet Euro-American automotive standard COMBO II (CSS).

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Technical description


Perun HP


12 000 mm


2 550 mm


3 250 mm

Electric engine output

160 kW

Power in the battery

Standard     78 kWh
Li-Ion (LTO)

Maximum range

Standard     30 km

Max. speed

70 km/h

(can be combined)

Fast charging:

Fully automated Škoda 1C (370A) / 6C ≤ 8 minutes

Total number of passengers

85 (27 seated) 


Name: Radek
Surname: Svoboda
E-mail: radek.svoboda@skoda.cz
Phone: +420 37818 1350

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