Hybridbus Škoda H12

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The Hybridbus Škoda H12 is environmentally friendly, and has a significantly lower consumption in comparison to a bus.

The Hybridbus Škoda H12 is meant primarily for zero-emission zones in city centres. Its main advantage is the ability to use battery drive which does not emit any emissions into the air, and moreover it is not noisy. Using this zero-emission drive the bus can go as far as 10 km without the need of recharging the batteries or without the use of the diesel generator. Saving fuel by as much as tens of percents constitutes another significant advantage, this is achieved especially on the basis of recovery of electric energy produced during the braking of the vehicle. In this case the energy is conserved in energy accumulators - batteries and supercapacitors - and subsequently it is re-used during driving.

The vehicle equipment includes also a set of semi-conductor converters of a completely new generation which are used not only for optimal control of the traction drive but also of the energy flows through energy accumulators and auxiliary drives of the vehicle. In the course of development special and significant attention was paid to the strategy of controlling the independent diesel electric generator with the aim of minimizing fuel consumption in all the operation modes. Škoda Electric developed the hybrid bus together with the Polish company Solaris. The bus carried first passengers already during its test drives in 2012 in Plzeň.

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Technical description


12,000 mm


 2,550 mm


 3,225 mm

Diesel   engine output

184 kW

Electric   engine output

160 kW

Fuel consumption saving

Depending on the SORT driving mode up   to 30%

Maximum   range on the battery

up to 10 km

Max.   speed

70 km/hour

Total   number of passengers



Name: Radek
Surname: Svoboda
E-mail: radek.svoboda@skoda.cz
Phone: +420 37818 1350

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