Electric Multiple Units Series 471 CityElefant

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Electric unit 471 represents the first type of new generation of advanced double-deck vehicles.

Since 1997 Škoda Vagonka has been producing two-floor electric units of a new generation which have introduced modern, comfortable and safe travelling into commuter transport. The electric two-floor unit of series 471, known under the name “CityElefant”, is today produced in its already fourth generation which meets the latest safety standards. Modern features and the latest technology guarantee comfortable travelling to passengers. The basic formation of the electric unit has two or three cars, it consists of an electric car of series 471, driving car of series 971 and possibly an intermediate car of series 071. Their construction solution and main dimensions are identical. If it is necessary to increase the transport capacity, it is possible to use the automatic coupling to connect up to four units. The body of the vehicle which is made of large aluminium parts significantly reduces the weight of the units and increases their service life. Four asynchronous traction motors together with an electrodynamic brake with a recuperation option reduce the energy intensity of operation.

The open-space interior, low-floor boarding through wide doors, air-conditioning, lifting platform for passengers on wheelchairs and other information and safety features increase the comfort of passengers. The success of these electric units in the Czech Republic led to the development and manufacture of units of a similar type for foreign markets.


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Technical description


79 200 mm


4 635 mm


2 820 mm

Number of seats



2 000 kW

Max. speed

140 km/h


Name: Ivo
Surname: Gurňák
E-mail: ivo.gurnak@skoda.cz
Phone: +420 59747 7311

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