Electric Multiple Units Series 675 Ukraine

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Electric double deck unit is designated for inter-regional traffic primarily in Ukraine.

Škoda Vagonka and Škoda Transportation have produced a new electric two-floor unit of series 675 for Ukrainian tracks. This type is intended primarily for interregional transport on Ukrainian tracks with a gage of 1,520 mm. Due to significant distances passengers will certainly appreciate the maximum speed of 160 km/hour. The cars of the unit are specially modified to withstand demanding climate conditions in Ukraine with a temperature range of ± 40 °C. It is a multi-system unit which consists of six cars (two motor cars of series 225 and four intermediate cars of series 227). The car can be, however, connected to one more unit, and this will lead to a significant increase in the capacity at the time of the rush hour. The control microprocessor system enables a single engine driver to control the train formation.

The modern open-plan interior of the 1st and 2nd class, comfortable seats, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi connection to the Internet, vending machines or television screens significantly increase the comfort of passengers. Barrier-free boarding through wide doors, which make travelling easier not only for people with reduced mobility but also for families with prams, and sufficient space for comfortable travelling are taken for granted. Moreover, every motor car guarantees eight places for bicycles.

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Technical description


158 400 mm


5 000 mm


2 820 mm

Number of seats



4 000 kW

Max. speed

160 km/h


Name: Ivo
Surname: Gurňák
E-mail: ivo.gurnak@skoda.cz
Phone: +420 59747 7311

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