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Cutting-edge single-deck sets for interregional and long-haul transport.

The train units InterPanter are designed for inter-regional and long-distance transport in the Czech Republic. They offer comfortable air-conditioned interiors, wheelchair accessible toilets, a modern audio-visual information system with LCD, Wi-Fi and power outlets for PC. The trains also include padded and adjustable seats, folding tables, separate compartments for passengers with children under 10 years of age and storage facilities for bicycles, prams and other large luggage. The units will also feature a reservation system for booking of both seats and storage places for bicycles.

These new train units will be manufactured in 2015 - 2016 and they will be gradually deployed on national express train lines. The company Czech Railways has ordered ten five-car and four three-car electric train units with the capacity of 350 and 200 seats. All units have the maximum speed of 160 km/h. The name InterPanter emerged from a contest, which yielded 5097 original suggestions, for which 2333 persons voted.

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Technical description


Three-car unit

Five-Car Unit

trolley voltage

3kV DC /25kV 50Hz

3kV DC /25kV 50Hz

Maximum speed

160 km/h

160 km/h

Installed output

6 x 340 kW

8 x 340 kW


1 435 mm

1 435 mm

Length of the set

79 400 mm

132 400 mm

Width of the car

2 820 mm

2 820 mm

Height of the car                                       

4 260 mm

4 260 mm

Starting height
from TK

580 mm

580 mm

Number of seats (of wich
1st class) 

200 (25)

350 (42)

Number of seats
for orthopedic carts    


The number of places for bicycles +

10 + 6

15 + 8


Name: Ivo
Surname: Gurňák
Phone: +420 59747 7311

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