Single deck electric unit RegioPanter

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Single deck electric units represents new generation of low-floor vehicles with max. speed 160 km/h.

The electric single-floor unit RegioPanter represents a completely new generation of modern low-floor vehicles which offer high quality of travelling. The main train unit most often consists of a two- to three-car formation but if it is necessary to increase the transport capacity, it is possible to connect up to four units by means of the automatic coupling. All cars are equipped with a driving bogie with two asynchronous motors and one regular bogie. In contrast to the current two-car trains, RegioPanter consumes up to half less electricity, and it does so also thanks to a recuperation system of energy which is produced during braking. The single-floor regional unit is conceived as completely walk-through, i.e. without inner partitions and doors. Even the passage between the cars is open. Most of the electric equipment is located on the roof, and this has significantly increased the space for the passengers.

RegioPanter is intended primarily for regional tracks where passengers will certainly appreciate comfortable and cosy seats, air-conditioning or Wi-Fi connection. Barrier-free boarding through wide doors which are equipped with folding footboards to suit different heights of platforms is taken for granted. Inside the train there is sufficient space for wheelchair users, bicycles or prams. A clear information system and notices for blind persons make orientation easier for passengers in train units produced in the company Škoda Transportation and Škoda Vagonka.

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Technical description



Two-car unit

Three-car unit


52,900 mm

79,400 mm


4,260 mm

4,260 mm


2,820 mm

2,820 mm

Number of seats




1,360 kW

2,040 kW

Max. speed

160 km/hour

160 km/hour


Name: Ivo
Surname: Gurňák
Phone: +420 59747 7311

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