Locomotive Emil Zátopek Germany

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A state-of-the-art locomotive for the Deutsche Bahn Regio.

Škoda Transportation will supply the Deutsche Bahn Regio with six new locomotives Emil Zátopek for the track Nuremberg-Ingolstadt-Munich. In the DB these locomotives will bear the designation BR 102. The locomotives will be a part of six six-coach double-deck trainsets of the push-pull type. The trainset can be controlled from the point of the driving trailer or the locomotive. The new locomotive of series BR 102 Emil Zátopek for Germany will have a new design prepared specially for the Deutsche Bahn Regio. Apart from the design the new locomotive will meet traditional functional requirements on locomotives in the Deutsche Bahn Regio. This includes, for example, the function of an automatic brake test.

The locomotive Emil Zátopek meets all strict technological parameters as well as the latest European safety TSI regulations. As a second locomotive in the world it has also received the European certificate TSI High Speed RST.


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Technical description

Length across buffers

18 000 mm

Body width

3 080 mm

Max. speed

200  km/h


88 t

Continuous power

6 400   kW

Starting tractive effort

275   kN

Continuous tractive effort

220   kN

Electrification systems

15   kV/16,7 Hz


Name: Zdeněk
Surname: Majer
E-mail: trn.sales@skoda.cz
Phone: +420 37818 6032

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