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Modern Metro Train-set for 1524 mm Gauge.

Škoda Transportation has produced a modern underground train unit for the Russian city of St. Petersburg with a gage of 1,520 mm. The six-car formation consists of two identical train parts which are connected by their rear ends. Both parts consist of a motor car with the compartment of the engine driver 18 Mt, intermediate motor car 19 Mt and intermediate car without a drive 20 Mt. The motor car is equipped with a control computer, traction container, pneumatic brake, battery, and the intermediate motor car has also a compressor unit. The intermediate car is also equipped with a control computer and a pneumatic brake. Most of the electric equipment for the drive of the unit is located in the traction container which is suspended below the floor of the motor cars.

Ventilation units which apart from providing pleasant lighting also increase the comfort of travelling byPetersburg undergroundare located in each carriage. An audiovisual information system which is supplemented with loudspeakers of the train PA system helps to keep the passengers informed. The safety of the passengers and driver is provided by means of a modern CCTV system with data recording. The main advantage of the unit is its lower weight, by as much as a quarter of the weight of current cars. The lighter cars can also use recuperation of energy during braking and they can save up to forty percent of electric energy compared to the cars in operation today.

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Technical description

Length over coupling – 18 Mt

Length over coupling – 19 Mt   and 20 Mt

19,850 mm

19,210 mm

Body width

2,700 mm

Height above the top of rail

3,655 mm

Track gage

1,520 mm

Catenary voltage

750 V DC

Continuous power

680 kW

Max. speed

80 km/hour

Number of passengers sitting / standing

in the car 18 Mt

in the cars 19 Mt / 20 Mt

42 / 174

48 / 188


Name: Kateřina
Surname: Šebová
Phone: +420 378 186 449

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