Modernized Metro 81-71M

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Comprehensive Metro Train-sets Modernization in Prague.

Škoda Transportation has carried out an extensive and complex modernization of original Russian cars of the Prague underground. New five-car formations 81 - 71 M which travel on the underground routes A and B consist of two front cars (2 Mt), an intermediate car with batteries (3 Mt) and intermediate cars with a compressor (4 Mt). Thanks to the reconstruction it was possible to improve the safety both of passengers and the driver, to increase the service life of cars and to make maintenance and operation more effective so that the modernized units will have comparable parameters with new vehicles. At the same time the comfort of passengers was significantly improved.

The front part of the vehicle, including the compartment of the engine driver, underwent significant change. The reconstructed cars were equipped with new efficient compressors, pneumatic equipment including air dryers or computer control. The cars have a modern traction drive with energy recuperation during braking. They also meet the latest safety regulations including the requirement for fire resistance and toxic-free floors, inner cladding or used cables. Each car is equipped with a modern fire alarm system. The interior of cars is conceived in a completely innovative way, it provides sufficient comfort to both sitting and standing passengers, and a clear information system is taken for granted.

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Technical description

Length over coupling – 2 Mt

Length over coupling – 3 Mt   and 4 Mt

19 398 mm

19 210 mm

Body width

2 712 mm

Height above the top of rail

3 660 mm

Track gage

1 435 mm

Catenary voltage

750 V DC

Continuous power

440 kW

Max. speed

80 km/h

Number of passengers sitting   / standing

in the car 2 Mt

in the cars 3 Mt / 4 Mt

38 / 216

48 / 218


Name: Petr
Surname: Vízdal
Phone: +420 378 186 001

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