Diesel Railcar Series Dm12

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Diesel railcar is designed for regional tracks in Nordic climatic conditions in Finland.

Entire the railcar solution - starting, tempering and also tightness against snow is adjusted to demanding operational condition. Two diesel engines located under the floor, 301 kW each, enable maximum speed 120 kph.

As to design, railcar Dm12 is derived from railcars series 842, previously produced for Czech Railways. The car-body equipped with adapted bogies of gauge 1435 mm fully suits gauge UIC-505 and enables operation on other European railways with standard gauge without other adjustment. Propulsion aggregate created by MAN engine and hydro-dynamic gearbox Voith is suspended in railpack under the railcar frame. Coolers are located in roof coolers units.

Drivers' cabins have ergonomic design and are equipped with their own combined aggregate for hot air heating and ventilation. Large scale electric equipment, information system, train radio, GSM, loud-speaker equipment, ticket sale by payment card, ATC is used in the railcar.

The railcar interior is divided into three passenger compartments. They are equipped with effective heating and ventilation system. Practical seats are in 2 + 2 arrangement. Front part of the railcar is conceived for immobile passengers travelling. Lifting platforms for entrance and exit passengers on wheelchairs and large-space WC closed type system EVAC 2000 serves for this purpose. Front passenger compartment with space for wheelchairs is connected to the entrance vestibule with wide sliding door.

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Technical description

Length over the buffers

25 200 mm


2 850 mm


4 218 mm

Track gage

1 435 mm, 1 524 mm

Drive – total power

602 kW

Max. speed

120 km/h

Total number of passengers



Name: Ivo
Surname: Gurňák
E-mail: ivo.gurnak@skoda.cz
Phone: +420 59747 7311

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