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Modernized Two-system Universal Locomotive

Škoda Transportation provides modernization of locomotives 71 E, which were produced in the mid 1980s, for the company ČD Cargo. The main change within the framework of the reconstruction into a new type 71 Em is the two-system design thanks to which the locomotive will be able pull cargo not only on tracks with the voltage of 3 kV DC but now also on tracks with the voltage of 25 kV DC. The carried-out reconstruction will extend the physical and technological service life of the original cars by as many as 20 years. The locomotive 71 Em is modernized thanks to the state-of-the-art technologies and it boasts a whole range of innovations.

The output on both electrification systems has been increased, and at the same time the locomotive 71 Em consumes much less electricity thanks to energy recuperation back into the network. The engine driver compartment is fully air-conditioned. The locomotive 71 Em meets all strict technological parameters as well as the latest European safety regulations. Apart from operating on the Czech tracks, the locomotives are also being homologated for operation in Slovakia and Hungary.

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Technical description


Length over the buffers

18 000 mm

Body width

3 080 mm

Max. speed

120 km/h


88 t

Continuous power

3 700 kW

Starting tractive effort

300 kN

Continuous tractive effort

185,3 kN

Electrification systems

3 kV DC

25 kV/50 Hz







Name: Jaromír
Surname: Jelínek
E-mail: trn.sales@skoda.cz
Phone: +420 378 186 299

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