Traction motors for metro cars

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Škoda Electric developed a technologically very advanced traction motor with maximum reliability and with the power from 150 to 260 kilowatt for underground train cars. Motors can be also equipped with a speed sensor or Pt elements for measuring temperature. The customer can also choose from several variations of bearings (e.g. standard or maintenance-free bearings). Traction motors are a significant source of waste heat and they have to be therefore sufficiently cooled. A system of self-ventilation is used for motors of underground train cars. Škoda Electric was successful with its underground car motors on the Czech market but it also concluded important contracts in Hungary, Russia, Ukraine or Mexico.

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  • Output range: 150 kW up to 260 kW
  • Cooling: Self ventilation
  • RPM: Up to 3830 RPM
  • Insulation Class: C 200


Name: Radek
Surname: Svoboda
Phone: +420 37818 1350

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