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100% Low-floor Uni-directional Three-section Tramcar.

The fully low-floor tram ForCity Alfa Riga, produced by Škoda Transportation for the Latvian capital city, represents a new generation of modern vehicles in the municipal public transport. It embodies elegance, dynamics and the latest technologies. The tram ForCity Alfa is designed to cope with the most demanding profiles of railway networks without any problems, and it does so also thanks to the individual wheel drive.  

Pivoting bogies which are friendly to the tracks and reduce the maintenance costs of the vehicle and the infrastructure are a noticeable feature of the tram ForCity Alfa. Thanks to the modular design of the tram ForCity Alfa, it was possible to easily adjust the version for Riga to a greater track gage (1,524 mm). The less demanding profile of the routes in Riga makes it possible for the ForCity Alfa tram to have only three traction bogies. The optimum speed is controlled by a computer according to the number of passengers, condition of the track and profile of the route. The tram ForCity Alfa has a wheel slip and wheel slide protection.

ForCity Alfa is very quiet due tospecial wheel tyres with absorbing rubber inserts. An entry space without stairs makes boarding and exiting easier for passengers with prams or with reduced mobility. Air-conditioning in the whole tram, a clear information system, easily accessible control and communication buttons and other safety features improve the travelling by public transport and contribute to the comfort of passengers.


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Technical description

Total number of passengers



31 400 mm


2 500 mm

Height of the vehicle over   the collector

1 524 mm

Max. speed

70 km/h


600 V DC

Drive – total power

559 kW

Low floors

100 %


Name: Kateřina
Surname: Šebová
Phone: +420 378 186 449

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