Tramcar ForCity Classic Miskolc

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Fully low-floor bidirectional tramcar for Hungarian city of Miskolc.

Škoda Transportation produced a 100% low-floor bi-directional tram for the Hungarian city of Miskolc. The vehicle follows a series of bi-directional vehicles which became popular among the passengers in the Italian city of Cagliari, American Portland or Polish Wroclaw. Fully low-floor five-section Škoda ForCity Classic meets the latest European safety standard which guarantees greater safety for both the passengers and the driver in the case of a possible accident.

Easily accessible electric equipment is located on the roof of the vehicle, during braking there is energy recuperation which together with the asynchronous traction motors reduces the costs of operation and maintenance. The tram Škoda ForCity Classic has a wider body than the previous types and can offer space for up to 300 passengers. The overall low-floor design and boarding edge at the height of 330 mm above the top of rail allows easy boarding and exiting of passengers. The platforms next to the doors offer enough space for bicycles, prams or persons with reduced mobility. Air-conditioning and a clear information system also contribute to the comfort of passengers.

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Technical description

Total number of passengers

more than 300


32,100 mm


2,650 mm

Height of the vehicle over   the collector

3,560 mm

Max. speed



600 V DC


760 kW

Low floors

100 %


Name: Zdeněk
Surname: Majer
Phone: +420 37818 6032

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