Tramcar ForCity Classic Konya

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Fully low-floor tramcar for the Turkish city of Konya.

The Škoda Transportation Company produces a 100% low-floor tramcar for the Turkish city of Konya. The new vehicle conception is based on the tram ForCity Classic for the Hungarian city of Miskolc. This fully low-floor bi-directional tram is equipped with modern electronics. The difference consists for example in the vehicle body that is longer and narrowed by 100 mm down to 2,55 m. The central undercarriage is equipped with a parking brake and front rear-view mirrors on both sides of the driver’s compartment. The air-condition system has been adapted to climatic conditions in Turkey. Unique is especially the design inspired by the motifs of Islamic architecture and the world uniqueness of the city of Konya –whirling Dervishes.

The fully low-floor five-section tram Škoda ForCity Classic Konya complies with the latest European safety standards. The tram has low operating costs because it takes advantage of energy recuperation when braking.  Because the electric equipment is placed on the roof of the vehicle and the tram is more than 32 meters long, it can offer space for up to 364 passengers. The fully low-floor design and the low boarding edge allow easy getting on and off even for disabled persons. The air-condition system as well as well-arranged information system contribute to the comfort of the passengers. 

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Technical description


Total number of passengers

- with occupation 8 persons /m2

- with occupation 6 persons/m2





32 520 mm


2 550    mm

Height of the   vehicle over the collector


3 560    mm

Max. speed

70    km/h


750 V DC


permanent output 400 kW

short-time output 800 kW

Low floor

100 %




Name: Olesea
Surname: Lachi
Phone: +420 225 343 327

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