Tramcar ForCity Plus Bratislava

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A modern Uni-directional, five-section Tramcar for the Slovak capital Bratislava.

The uni-directional tram ForCity Plus is designed for the Slovakian Bratislava. The vehicles are fully air-conditioned and offer a comfortable ride at a high level. The capacity is up to 345 passengers - including 69 seats. Of course there is also a clear visual information system, including devices for voice communication between blind passengers and the driver. For passengers with reduced mobility, a tilting platform is installed, which facilitates entry and exit. The safety of passengers is ensured by a camera system with six indoor and six outdoor cameras.

The concept of the new low-floor trams ForCity Plus is based on the modern trams ForCity Classic Miskolc, that are already operated in the Hungarian city of Miskolc. The vehicles have five sections and a track gauge of 1000 mm. The first and last body chassis is fully rotatable. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 65 km/h.

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Technical description

The total number of passengers

- with occupation 8 persons/m2

- with occupation 5 persons./m2





32,5 m


2,48 m

Height of the   vehicle over the collector

3,56 m


1000 mm

Maximum operating speed

65 km/h


600 V DC a 750 V DC

Drive   - total power

600 kW


Name: Jaromír
Surname: Jelínek
Phone: +420 378 186 299

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