Catenary-free tramcar ForCity Classic Konya

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The tramcar uses a battery-powered drive.

During 2015, twelve unique “catenary-free” tramcars will be delivered to the ancient Turkish city of Konya (with a population of over 1.1 million). These tramcars are the ForCity Classic type and they are equipped with a state-of-the-art traction battery powered drive which allows them to operate independently of overhead lines. The vehicles will be operated on a newly built route which has a total length of 6 km, of which approx. 2 km will be without overhead lines. The Škoda company will use state-of-the-art high-power batteries in these tramcars for the Turkish city of Konya. Škoda Transportation also offers an alternative solution using a combination of traction batteries and super capacitors.

The battery powered drive of tramcars is used mainly in cases when a tramcar passes through an area where it is impossible to install a power supply trolley, for example, due to aesthetic reasons in historical city centres. The battery powered drive can also be used when a tramcar needs to leave a frequented place in the case of a fault on the overhead power lines so that it will not obstruct the road traffic. The batteries of a battery powered tramcar are located in special roof containers where batteries of various types and capacities can be installed according to the required nature of the operation. The battery is recharged while the tramcar is moving under a trolley, for example, when driving on a section of a route which is fitted with overhead lines or while standing in a depot.

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Technical description


Total number of passengers

- with occupation 8 persons /m2

- with occupation 6 persons/m2





32 520 mm


2 550    mm

Height of the   vehicle over the collector


3 560    mm

Max. speed

70    km/h


750 V DC


permanent output 400 kW

short-time output 800 kW

Low floor

100 %




Name: Olesea
Surname: Lachi
Phone: +420 225 343 327

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