Tramcar ForCity Smart Artic Helsinki

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New Tactful Trend in Tramcar Construction.

The ForCity Smart Artic Helsinki tramcar is the first series-produced narrow-gauge and 100% low-floor tramcar with fully pivoting bogies. Its all-wheel drive and the robust design of bogies with axles enable a trouble-free operation in demanding conditions of the capital of Finland. The axle load not exceeding 8,5 tonnes contributes to lower costs for the maintenance of infrastructure. The high-performance heating system includes sturdy thermal-insulation material and innovative use of braking power to heat the tramcar.

In 2014, two tramcars of this type were delivered to Helsinki as part the local tramcar network and after a successful trail operation including two demanding winters, other 38 + 20 tramcars of the same type will be delivered. The Nordic design underscores the high utility value of the vehicle.

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Technical description


The total number of passengers

- with occupation 5 persons./m2


125 + 74 seats +14 folding seats


27,6 m


2,4 m


1000 mm

Maximum operating speed

80 km/h


600   V DC

Drive   - total power

8 x 65 kW


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