Trolleybus 27 Tr

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Eighteen-meter long fully low-floor articulated trolleybuses.

These are eighteen-meter long fully low-floor four-door articulated trolleybuses designed for public transport, which facilitate the transport of passengers during rush hours. The first trolleybus Škoda 27 Tr was made in 2009 together with the Poland company Solaris. Škoda Electric supplies all electric equipment and carries out the overall assembly of this three-axle vehicle.  The electric equipment is stored in a container on the roof of the vehicle. The trolleybus can be also equipped with an auxiliary diesel generator, which makes it possible to drive the vehicle even in places lacking traction wires. The asynchronous traction engine and microprocessor-controlled voltage inverter with possibility of recuperation significantly reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs for the vehicle operation.

The comfort of passengers is improved by the overall low-floor design of the vehicle and by wider aisles between the seats. Boarding and exiting of passengers is made easier by means of the so-called kneeling, when the trolleybus tilts to the edge of the pavement. The equipment also includes air-conditioning and a modern information system. Some trolleybuses also include a mechanism for the count of passengers. There is also a tilting platform for wheelchair users. The trolleybuses Škoda 27 Tr are operated in Pilsen and Ostrava. You can also see them abroad, for example in the Bulgarian city Sofia and about 125 of them will be delivered to the Latvian capital Riga.

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Technical description


14 590 mm


2 550 mm


3 450 mm


250 kW

Max. Speed

65 km/hod

Number of seats



Name: Petr
Surname: Kasenčák
Phone: +420 359 409 816

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