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Tramcar ForCity Classic Konya

The ForCity Classic Konya trams are of the same design concept as the trams for Miskolc and they use identical components. The main difference is the reduced overall width of the vehicle (by 100 mm), the installation of automatic couplings that enable the operation of large-capacity tram units, as well as the use of more powerful air conditioning systems that are required for the hot summers.

The last 12 vehicles were equipped with a high-capacity battery which allows the tram to travel up to 15 km without the need for recharging. This facility will be used on a newly constructed city centre line.

The 32.5 meter long, five-section bi-directional tram can carry 210 passengers (4 persons/m2) with 56 seats.

The delivery of the first vehicles to the Turkish city of Konya took place in autumn 2013; the remaining 72 vehicles were delivered in 2015. A motif of Whirling Dervishes, the ancient symbol of the city, was included in the vehicle design at the customer’s request.

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Contact person:

Olesea Lachi

E-mail: olesea.lachi@skoda.cz
Phone: +420 225 343 327

Total number of passengers
- with occupation 8 persons/m2
- with occupation 6 persons/m2

Length 32 520 mm
Width 2 550 mm
Height of the vehicle over the collector 3 560 mm
Max. speed 70 km/h
Electrification 750 V DC
Drive permanent output 400 kW
short-time output 800 kW
Low floor 100 %

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