2016 / 11 / 22

Škoda Electric succeeded in the tender for the delivery of electric buses to Arriva Morava. These vehicles will be operated in Třinec within the local public transport system. The order is worth more than 130 million crowns.

The electric buses that we will supply are modern, environment-friendly vehicles that are very quiet. The type designation of the vehicles is Škoda Perun HE. We use the new attractive body Solaris Urbino in their manufacture. This is a very important reference project in terms of the development of the use of electric buses in other cities as well," says Škoda Electric Member of the Board, Karel Majer.

Škoda Electric buses will replace the currently used diesel vehicles in the backbone lines in Třinec. The vehicles will travel on 110 to 150 kilometer lines during the day. Battery charging will take place in the depot at night; each electric bus will initially have its own small charging device. „In the future, the project will be expanded by an automatic charging infrastructure directly at selected stops, increasing the range and use of the vehicles. The city of Třinec will therefore literally become a pilot project and a demonstration of the future direction of urban public transport, not only in the Czech Republic but throughout Europe," adds Radek Svoboda, Commercial Director of Škoda Electric.

Transport significantly contributes to the dustiness and poor air quality in Třinec, so it is our duty to do everything we can to help the environment. Třinec adopted the concept of a smart city, which also includes support for clean mobility and a "clever" transport system. We have been working on the use of electricity in public tran   sport with Arriva for a long time, so we are very pleased that Třinec will be among the first cities in the Czech Republic where these modern ecologically clean vehicles will travel. Improving air quality also means improving the quality of life, which is the point of the slogan "Třinec - a city full of energy", says the Mayor of Třinec, Věra Palkovská.

Škoda Perun electric buses are purely battery-powered emission-free vehicles, which can replace diesel buses in historic centers or residential areas thanks to their quiet and ecological operation. Škoda Electric is a company that successfully develops projects in the field of electromobility in the Czech Republic and abroad - Hradec Králové and Plzeň also have experience with the Perun vehicles, where two Škoda Perun HP electric buses are in operation, including a new Škoda charging station. The entire project for the development of electric buses, including the construction of a charging station, is covered in Plzeň by the prestigious European project ZeEUS (Zero Emission Urban Bus System), which deals with various electromobility solutions in public transport, including Barcelona, London, Stockholm, Münster, Bonn and Cagliari.

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