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ŠKODA INVESTMENT a.s. is ŠKODA Transportation sister company. ŠKODA INVESTMENT is owner of a large portfolio of ŠKODA and Winged Arrow Trademarks and other related rights and coordinates intellectual property rights for the Škoda Transportation Group and for some other ŠKODA and Winged Arrow trademarks.

ŠKODA INVESTMENT a.s. defines the global strategy for the development of the ŠKODA brand and the Winged Arrow and promotes the rights to them. He owns all the goodwill based on the history and traditions of the world-famous Pilsen trademarks of ŠKODA and the Winged Arrow, including their combinations. The goal of ŠKODA INVESTMENT a.s. is the further development of ŠKODA and the Winged Arrow and related trademark portfolio and the strengthening of their reputation.

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Emila Škody 2922/1
Jižní Předměstí
301 00 Plzeň
Czech republic

ID No.: 26502399
VAT No.: CZ26502399

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