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Škoda Vagonka is the direct successor of the tradition of manufacturing passenger rolling stock with a production program focused on products for electric units used in suburban transportation, motorized trains, light regional vehicles, and passenger connecting cars. It also provides the complete service, repair and modernization of vehicles and, last but not least, the sale of spare parts.

With a view to its other plans and maintaining its position on the market, the company will continue to focus attention on maintaining and enhancing its core business. This especially includes developing rolling stock in order to strengthen its capacity for innovation and to achieve the expansion of its product portfolio.

Purchasing subcontracted deliveries and material is also given considerable attention. Škoda Vagonka promotes the principles of cooperation, based on the quality of supply and respect for customer requirements. Other areas like manufacturing technology, investment, information technology, human resources policy and testing are also viewed by company management to be very important for the overall growth of the company.

In 2005, Škoda Vagonka was incorporated into the Škoda Transportation Group.

Top management

Chairman of the Board
Ing. Martin Bednarz, e-mail:

Members of the Board of Directors
Ing. Miloš Bronček, Ph.D., e-mail:
Ing. Tomáš Ignačák, MBA, e-mail:

Operations Director
Ing. Miloš Bronček Ph.D., Phone: +420 597 477 122, e-mail:

Operations Manager Assembly
Tomáš Klos, Phone: +420 59 7477 401, e-mail:

Business Director
Ing. Ivo Gurňák, Phone: +420 731 533 010, e-mail:

Financial manager
Ing. Jarmila Šamajová, Phone: +420 597 477 211, e-mail:

Head of the Ostrava Rail Vehicle Projects Department
Ing. Radim Sýkora, Phone: +420 597 477 366, e-mail:

Purchasing Director
Ing. Lenka Vítečková, Phone: +420 597 477 103, e-mail:

Director of Quality
Ing. Kateřina Kociánová, Phone: +420 597 477 312, e-mail:

Service department manager
Ing. Tomáš Vitásek, Phone: +420 597 477 458, GSM: +420 739 381 917, e-mail:

Technology Manager
Jaromír Holaň, Phone: +420 597 477 411, e-mail:

Human Resources Director
Sarka Tomicka, DiS., Phone: +420 597 477 223, e-mail:

Head of Realization Ostrava
Ing. Pavel Beránek, Phone: +420 597 477 373, e-mail:

Director of Logistics and Planning
Michal Szymala, Phone: +420 597 477 653, e-mail:


Manufacturing rail vehicles in Vagonka started at the beginning of the last century. At that time entrepreneur Adolf Schustala founded the joint-stock company "Staudinger Waggonfabrik A.G." based in Butovice u Studénka. According to the laws then in force, the company was officially founded on 12 December 1900 after it was entered in the Trade Register of the Regional Court in Nový Jičín.

Since that time, the company has manufactured a large number of various vehicles for passenger and freight rail transportation and other products and it has undergone a number of product, organizational and ownership changes. These culminated in the arrival of foreign owners of ČKD VAGONKA STUDÉNKA, a.s., and the spinning off of passenger rolling stock from the manufacturing and business plans of the company.

 Passenger rail vehicle manufacture was transferred to the new company ČKD VAGONKA, s.r.o., founded by ČKD PRAHA HOLDING, a.s., on 28 October 2000. On 1 January 2001, it was transformed into a publicly-traded company and three months later left Studénka for modernized facilities in Ostrava.

Since January 2005, ČKD VAGONKA has been part of ŠKODA HOLDING; in March 2008, the name of the company was changed to ŠKODA VAGONKA, a.s.


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Telephone: +420 597 477 111
Fax: +420 597 477 190

1. máje 3176/102
703 00 Ostrava
Česká republika

ID No.: 25870637
VAT No.: CZ25870637

registered in the Commercial Register kept by Regional Court in Ostrava, Section B, Insert 2435

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Other contacts

Human Resources

Phone:  +420 597477 223
Fax:  +420 597 477 190


Phone:  +420 59 7477 402

Purchase Department

Phone:  +420 59 7477 612
Fax:  +420 59 7477 690

Business department

Phone:  +420 59 7477 702
Fax:  +420 59 7477 990

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