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The company Škoda Transportation abides by professional standards, laws and other legal standards. From its employees and partners the company requires an ethical and responsible approach. An integrated management system which unites the systems of EMS, QMS, Occupational Safety and Health and Fire Protection is also implemented in the company.

Škoda Transportation is also playing a part in cultivating the Czech business environment. Thanks to its significant successes on the domestic market and also more and more frequently on foreign markets the company has received awards in several prestigious business competitions.

Škoda Transportation succeeded in several prestigious business competitions.

The company Škoda Transportation succeeded in 2015 and 2013 in the international competition European Business Awards and received an award as a national champion in the category of the Business of the Year for companies with a turnover higher than 150 million euros. The competition European Business Awards has been awarding companies since 2007 and its winners have included the most important European companies. It is one of the most demanding business competitions in Europe. The competition judges include, for example, some of the formerprime ministers and presidents of the countries in the European Union.

The company was successful also in 2016 in several other competitions. In the ranking of 100 most important companies of the Czech Republic the Škoda company took the 1st place in the category of industry, excluding cars, and in total the company finished on a very good 27th place – this is a great success because last year the company did not make it into the first one hundred. The competition assesses the sales of individual businesses in the Czech Republic. In the competition Exporter of the Year, Škoda Transportation finished on the 13th place in the category of export volume and it thus secured its place among twenty largest exporters in the Czech Republic. Škoda also finished on the 2nd place in the category of increase in exports between 2013-2014.

In the international ranking of TOP 500 companies from Central and Eastern Europe Škoda Transportation took the 376th place and moved by almost one hundred places higher. This ranking is prepared by the company Deloitte on the basis of the consolidated revenues of companies. The ranking includes fifteen countries from Central and Eastern Europe.Platinový certifikát od firmy Caterpillar

The fact that the Škoda Transportation group is highly valued is attested also by a platinum certificate which was granted to a daughter company Škoda Electric. After the gold certificate from the American engineering company Caterpillar, Škoda Electric was successful in obtaining also the highest – platinum - certificate. This award from the world number one on the market of mining machines is given only to the very best suppliers who have shown the highest level of quality, control of production processes and production capacities.  


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