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Community care

Today, the success of companies is measured mainly by financial profit. However, really modern and reliable companies think also about how to use their success to support the efforts of others. This is also one of the reasons why Škoda Transportation sponsors various sports and charity activities with tens of million Czech crowns every year. This tradition was started already by the company founder, Emil Škoda.

Director General of Škoda Transportation Josef Bernard (left) presents the stadium HC Plzeň new jerseys

The Škoda Transportation group considers sport a natural part of its sponsorship activities. The group is therefore a long-term general partner of the ice hockey club HC Škoda Plzeň.

The company sponsors also other activities mainly in the Plzeň region, where it has its official seat. These activities include, for example, the Athletic Club Škoda Plzeň or project Škoda FIT. Apart from top-level sportsmen and sportswomen, Škoda Transportation supports also sports activities of all people from Plzeň. It sponsors two large complexes, Škoda Sport Park and Škoda Land, where people can enjoy their leisure time on sports grounds, an inline skating track or on a climbing wall.

Within the framework of community care the Škoda company has invested significant amounts in revitalizing the Škoda premises in Plzeň in recent years; new halls have been built, their surroundings have been modernized and brownfields have undergone regeneration – the new Science Centre Techmania has also been built.

Škoda Transportation has chosen three main priorities of community development:

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