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Only few brands have made the Czech Republic famous all over the world, like the Pilsen company Škoda has. People have been using its products for more than one hundred fifty years. Today, the company Škoda Transportation is focused on vehicles for public transport and for railways.

Modern products with the logo of Škoda are made in an entirely new background, which was built for more than two millard crowns in the traditional Pilsen complex.

Škoda Transportation currently employs more than five thousand people in Pilsen, Prague, Ostrava or Šumperk. Besides the parent company Škoda Transportation, several daughter companies or joint ventures operating not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Germany, Finland, Russia and Hungary are in charge of individual projects.

Due to the high-quality work of more than six hundred constructers, project architects and designers and due to hundreds of millions of crowns per year invested into the research and development, Škoda Transportation is able to keep launching new and modern products, which are successful in many world markets. The company has made a total investment of four milliard crowns just during the last years.

Škoda Transportation offers solution of production and development of low-floor trams, trolleybusesand hybrid vehicles for ecological public transport of European cities. The company is also focused on production of trains of various concepts, or production of locomotives.

The unique know-how of Škoda Transportation follows up on the strong tradition from the past, when the company was a world renown supplierof electric locomotives. Škoda Transportation have made more than five thousand locomotives during its entire history.

Many of them are still used in many European countries. Locomotives are an important article of trade for the company Škoda Transportation even now. Above all the triple-system type Emil Zátopek with a unique concept for the European corridor railways, which was the second in the world to receive the certificate TSI High Speed RST. The locomotive Emil Zátopek is intended for operation at speeds up to 200 km/h.

Nová tramvaj 26 T pro maďarské město Miskolc

One of the largest Škoda Transportation contracts includes the production of 250 fully low-floor ForCity Alfa trams for the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. Similarly designed trams are used in the Latvian metropolis of Riga and up to 400 of them can be built in China within the licence – the first ones are already in operation. Thirty-one new ForCity Classic low-floor trams have already reached the Hungarian city of Miskolc and 72 new vehicles with the same conception have arrived in the Turkish city of Konya, including the new battery-drive trams. Sixty ForCity Plus trams in two versions are heading to the Slovak metropolis of Bratislava. The most recent contracts include orders for ForCity Classic trams for Chemnitz in Germany , Eskişehir in Turkey  and ForCity Artic trams for Finland. Other types of trams are used for example in Italy, the USA or Poland.

Another important strategic area for Škoda Transportation is the electric train market for long-distance, regional and suburban public transport. For example, the company supplies electric units to Latvia, Slovakia, Ukraine and of course to the Czech Republic. The Czech railways will receive a low-floor electric unit RegioPanter, which fundamentally increases the level of comfort for travelling on key regional routes, and similar trains InterPanter will also soon be used on long-distance tracks.

Trolejbus 27 TThe global leader in the supply of trolleybuses is the company Škoda. Its trolleybuses are used in dozens of cities in Europe and in the world today. Deliveries of these ecological vehicles headed for example to Bratislava, Budapest nebo Bologna. Škodovka has concluded a record-breaking contract for the supply of 125 modern trolleybuses to the Latvian capital of Riga. On top of all that, the company has developed hybrid vehicles and two types of electric buses which are in operation, for example, in Třinec. Škoda Transportation has also put the most modern repair facility in the Czech Republic into operation within the full-service for trolleybuses and buses for Pilsen Municipal Transport Company.

Great emphasis is also placed by Škoda on the area of the development of subway vehicles. After the complete renewal of sets for two routes of the Prague metro, Škoda Transportation has developed and manufactured a new concept of a modern vehicle for Russian St. Petersburg. Škoda is also working on several deliveries for subway systems in the Chinese city of Su-chou.

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