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We see development not only as the completion of technical systems but also as the creative working out of spatial concepts. Simply put, we want to ensure that our products are not only 100% functional and modern but also that people like them and that they fit into the environment through which they move.

In 2008 Škoda Transportation unveiled the first completely low-floor ForCity Alfa tram in Prague . A revolutionary technical solution ensures comfortable entry and exit even at times of peak traffic or when persons with reduced mobility wish to use the tram.

The solution of the designers evolved hand in hand with exterior design proposals: "Design is an integral part of the concept of each product or means of transport. Work should proceed at the same time both on the design and the construction solution, and design should be neither superior nor inferior to construction," said the designer of the ForCity Alfa model, Patrik Kotas.

Škoda Transportation strives to constantly improve the comfort of its passengers - in particular, the easy availability of seats, steady and quick access to the vehicle, easy movement of people inside the vehicle, plenty of space for passengers, and a suitably located braking system. We also develop modern methods of informing passengers, whether informing about the arrival times, location of the vehicle on the line or the individual line parameters.

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