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Employee care

Employees of Škoda TransportationApart from modern facilities, stability and a wide range of benefits, the employees of Škoda Transportation have also many options how to work on their personal development. Škoda Transportation puts great emphasis both on the satisfaction of its employees and on their further development.

It is thanks to the employees’ innovative approach to problem solving and new projects that Škoda is able to compete on a global scale even against the strongest players on the market. Since 2012 the Škoda company has organized an employee competition called Team League on the basis of the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement “kaizen”. The individual teams of the production and technical departments compete against each other for the best improvement design and for the highest number of improvement designs. The designs usually simplify and improve the production process. The winners are, of course, regularly financially rewarded.

Education of employees represents one of the priorities for the company

Škoda sees the education of its employees as fundamental for the future development of the company and it expands their qualification in order to make them as flexible as possible. The educational system is divided intothree types of educational programmes: periodical education, other professional education and language education.

Our employees work in modern factoriesPeriodical education is focused primarily on courses and trainings which are prescribed by the law (e.g. welding courses). The aim of professional education is not only maintain qualification but primarily to extend qualification and to lead to further personal growth. It includes also a range of internal trainings, e.g. in the field of information technologies and other professional fields (e.g. soft skills). The company received means for a part of its educational programme from the Operational Programme Human Resources and Employment.

As a company with a global scope of operation, Škoda Transportation sees the linguistic abilities of its employees as very important. A wide range of language courses of different levels is therefore taken for granted. It is mainly employees who come into contact with foreign persons who take part in the language education. 

Flexible employment and regular meetings with the management are taken for granted.In production work both men and women

Škoda Transportation supports flexible working hours in all departments with the exception of production which requires shift work. If possible, changes in the beginnings and endings of working hours due to care for children are also supported even in the cases of fixed working hours. Due to the technical focus of the company the employees are mostly men rather than women. The company also tries to employ disabled people. For example, the new administrative building is barrier-free.

Joint meetings of Škoda Transportation employees at which coming projects and company prospects are introduced have become a new tradition. These occasions are also used for awarding gold Commemorative medals of Emil Škoda – an award for the best company employees. Employees who reach a certain anniversary of their work in the company – ten, twenty, thirty or forty years – are also regularly awarded. The employees discuss openly with the company management the current situation in the company or company plans for the future. The invited employees celebrating their anniversary also receive an interesting graphics commemorating their employment anniversary and also a further reward.

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