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Impact on the environment

Jednopodlažní elektrická jednotka RegiopanterThe company Škoda Transportation pays careful attention to the protection of the environment. Since 2010 the company has been certified according to international standard ISO 14001:2004 which specifies the requirements for the system of the environment protection and which proves that we constantly strive to minimize the impact our activities have on the environment.

At the same time the company monitors and analyzes qualitative parameters of all products. The results are then used by Škoda Transportation in order to set specific goals within the framework of the reliability and quality of final products. Only perfectly tuned machines showing a low failure rate thus get to our customers and passengers.

Škoda Transportation uses state-of-the-art technology in the production of rolling stock. For example it uses largely waterborn coatings which are successfully replacing solvent-based coating systems. This procedure is not completely common and it contributes to a significant reduction of emissions. The production is therefore able to achieve great fuel savings during the operation of surface treatments. The company also works on such innovations in the technology of production which will save the amount of paint and other materials used. This concerns new procedures in the application of coatings on the frames of tram units or in the spraying of the undercoat layers on the bodies of trams.

Škoda has also invested significantly in new production halls and operations. The current heat consumption is only seven percent compared to that of 2006, and the consumption of non-drinking water has also dropped dramatically.

Škoda Transportation also devotes significant care to ecological waste management. Due to strict monitoring of this field and compliance with a set system of sorting the company manages to control the production of waste even at a time when the volume of production is increasing. This, however, does not apply only to production. Specially marked containers and boxes for different types of waste are available at all workplaces throughout the whole company and all employees of the company participate in the sorting of waste. The company does not try to achieve a responsible attitude towards environmental protection only in the main production phase but also in the everyday running of the business.

Nový hybridní autobus ze Škoda ElectricAn important component of the care for the environment is the general education of the employees who undergo regular training in this area. At the same time Škoda Transportation tries to prevent the possibility of emergency situations whose consequences could have a negative impact on the environment and the health of workers. The company gives priority to such materials and procedures which minimize negative impact on the environment or the work environment or which are environmentally friendly.

Even the products of Škoda Transportation are ecological. Modern and ecological vehicles do not pollute the environment in the places where they are operated. Low-floor trams, electric train units and locomotives, as well as trolleybus lines – these are vehicles designed for modern and environmentally friendly transport for the future.

One of the current trends which Škoda Transportation implements is a lifelong or at least long-term service of its products. The company thus tries to reduce the costs of the vehicle life cycle  (e.g. procurement costs, maintenance costs, costs of operating a vehicle and its disposal). It represents one of environmental strategies in which products are seen from a long-term point of view and most things are done with the aim of achieving the lowest possible costs of further maintenance. The products are recyclable from 90-95 %.

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