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Our Manufacture Is Ecological

PARS NovaThe production facilities of the Škoda Transportation factory are low-energy in order to achieve the maximum environmentally friendly production. We have significantly reduced energy costs by modernizing our operation.  We are investing also in our other plants. One example - a member of the group, Pars Nova in Šumperk, completed an Eco-energy project in August 2012 which - owing to the construction and technological adjustments - brought about a reduction in energy consumption by 22% and which resulted in the amount of CO2 emissions from operation dropping down by 20%.

The development department also focuses on the selection of used materialsin order to save the costs and reduce labor during production, but the selection of materials also respects all environmental and safety criteria (flammability and health safety). The vast majority of used materials  is, moreover,  recyclable.

It is very important that in the case of regional trains there is a continuous transfer from trains drawn by locomotives to electric units. For example, our latest two-coach units RegioPanter, weighing 103 tonnes, are currently operated in South Bohemia where they replaced two-coach trainsets weighing about 165 tonnes. In addition, these units have air-conditioning, low-floor boarding, a much faster start-up and safety features meeting current European standards.

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