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Philanthropic activities

Škoda Transportation has been cooperating with “Domov svaté Zdislavy” (Home of St Zdislava) for more than ten years. The company donated first finances already in 2003 and it thus returned to the tradition of charity and support programmes of the Škoda Works. The Home of St Zdislava focuses on providing help to mothers and children in need and to pregnant women in a difficult situation. The finances are used for a partial payment of operating costs and for minor repairs of the building and equipment.

The company has been cooperating in a similar way also with “Domov pro seniory sv. Jiří” (St George’s Home for the Elderly). This home allows the elderly to live their lives respectfully and fully while maintaining regular social activities and independence.

Škoda Helps

In 2014 Škoda Transportation founded a new project “Škoda pomáhá” (Škoda Helps). Its aim is to help groups of people in danger. These can include, for example, the elderly, disabled persons, single parents, etc. It offers help to specific persons who are in a difficult life situation.

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