Created 9. 8. 2021

Ekova Electric in Ostrava has changed owner and is changing its name

The engineering company has become part of the Škoda Transportation Group and will be renamed Škoda Ekova.

Ekova Electric has become a member of the Škoda Transportation Group and is changing its name to Škoda Ekova. It has thus become a member of the group, which is a leading European manufacturer of public transport vehicles. The transfer of 100% of the company’s shares held by Dopravní podnik Ostrava took place on Monday, August 2. It will bear the new name from August 10. Within the group, Škoda Ekova will focus on servicing, modernizing and repairing public transport vehicles, and trams for Ostrava will also be produced here.

Ostrava is a very important region for us and I am very glad that we managed to expand our local operations. The connection of Škoda Ekova to our Ostrava family of Škoda Vagonka and Škoda Digital expands our technology center and production capacity. In addition to the traditional focus on repairs and modernization for transport companies, Škoda Ekova will expand its competencies. Thanks to the expertise and many years of experience of our employees, we will also produce new trams and other products for current and future customers of our group.

Petr Brzezina, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Škoda Transportation Group

“Marriage, so I would like to mark another joint chapter, which the DPO will now write together with Škoda Ek. We are convinced that a common future awaits us, in which Škoda Ekova will be a strong and reliable partner, for example, for the service and maintenance of our cars. Cooperation will take place in a standardly transparent manner in the form of public procurement, as before. We believe that Škoda Ek has a stable future that will bring it not only market sustainability, but also the opportunity to develop further, order occupancy for the next years and the related maintenance of employment and the introduction of multi-shift operations, “says DPO CEO and Chairman of the Board Daniel Morys.

Škoda Ekova is becoming another important part of the development of the entire Škoda Transportation Group, which will see significant growth in production in the coming years. Currently, the group has a four-year labor supply worth 80 billion crowns. “In the development of Škoda Ekova, we will make maximum use of the experience and knowledge of current employees. We plan not only to expand the production itself, but we will create new skilled jobs with high added value. Together, our Ostrava base is becoming an even more important employer and will make a significant contribution to the development of the entire region, ”says Martin Bednarz, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Škoda Ekova.

The Škoda Transportation Group, a member of the PPF Group, has been operating in the Moravian-Silesian Region for a long time. For example, technological know-how in the field of control, multimedia and diagnostic systems within the Škoda Digital subsidiary is concentrated in Ostrava. A major subsidiary, Škoda Vagonka, operates directly in Ostrava, focusing on the development and production of rail vehicles. It went through a significant stage of growth, when it invested one billion crowns in the expansion and modernization of its facilities, for example, it built the largest machining center in Europe, a new paint shop and created hundreds of new jobs.

The Ostrava part of the group is becoming a center for comprehensive solutions for modern transport systems. Not only the vehicles themselves are created here, but also the technological centers of the future. “In the field of transport, we are one of the leaders in transformation and we bring sophisticated production supported by our own research and development,” adds Petr Brzezina.

Škoda Ekova

Founded in January 2011 under the name Ekova Electric as a subsidiary of Dopravní podnik Ostrava
In July 2020, the Škoda Transportation Group signed an agreement to purchase 100% of Ekova Electric’s shares
On 2 August, 100% of the shares were transferred to Škoda Transportation
From August 10, the company will bear the new name Škoda Ekova
Currently, Škoda Ekova has almost 200 employees

Throughout its history, the Ostrava company has focused mainly on the production, modernization or reconstruction of trams, trolleybuses and electric buses. And not only for Czech customers, but also for foreign transport companies.

Board of Directors of Škoda Ekova

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Škoda Ekova is Miroslav Mareš, who thus remains in the same position in the company. The new members of the Board of Directors are Martin Bednarz, CEO of Škoda Vagonka, who will hold the position of Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors at Škoda Ekova, and Marek Herbst, who works in the Škoda Transportation Group as Vice President for Service.