Created 12. 10. 2021

First Tram from Škoda Transportation Presented in Ostrava

A new tram from Škoda Transportation for Ostrava has arrived in its future home, the Moravian-Silesian capital.

The first of 35 new Škoda 39T trams was officially presented by Škoda Transportation and Dopravní podnik Ostrava (DPO), the local transport company, last night. Passengers in Ostrava can look forward to modern, safe and comfortable carriages.

The low-floor trams will offer a capacity for 60 seated and 140 standing passengers. The new Ostrava tram will have test runs, still under the manufacturer’s direction, first without passengers and then with them. As soon as the specified conditions are met, DPO will accept the carriage for normal operation.

"The Ostrava tram is the longest two-unit tram we have produced and we have applied several innovations to it. Passive pedestrian safety has been significantly improved thanks to the newly-shaped front end. Passengers will appreciate the comfortable and modern interior, and tram drivers will appreciate the brand new seat. It was designed for maximum comfort and safety and has all the controls right at your fingertips. Moreover, it is great that the trams for Ostrava will be produced by Ostravans themselves,"

Petr Brzezina, President of the Škoda Transportation Group

The leading European manufacturer of vehicles for public transport. With the exception of the first two trams produced in Plzeň, the new trams will be assembled at the Škoda Ekova plant in Ostrava.

Passengers have a lot to look forward to. Our new tram offers them safe, quiet and comfortable travel at the highest possible standard. A CCTV system, air conditioning, USB chargers and a sloping front end with rounded elements designed to prevent obstacles from being pulled under the vehicle. It is 100% low-floor,” said DPO CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors Daniel Morys.

The ŠKODA vehicles for Ostrava are 100% low-floor trams, equipped with USB ports and fully air-conditioned, which will significantly contribute to passengers’ comfort. The maximum operating speed is 80 km/h. Other advantages of the vehicles are the fully rotatable chassis and low axle pressures, which are gentle on the track superstructure. Five double doors allow passengers to get on and off quickly. The trams also comply with the latest European standards, including requirements for the fire-resistance of materials used, the strength of vehicle bodies and the impact resistance of the vehicle body. The vehicle’s length is 26.6 metres, the maximum height with the collector lowered is 3.6 metres, the weight of the empty vehicle is more than 36 tonnes, and 56 tonnes when fully occupied. The tram’s front end is designed so that its shape is reminiscent of a mine tower, a reference to Ostrava’s history.

At the moment, DPO has ordered 35 units worth approximately CZK 1.7 bn. There is an option on another 5 units. After the first tram is put into operation, further Škoda 39T trams will be deployed at regular intervals.