Created 9. 9. 2021

The Slovak national carrier will have up to 20 new RegioPanter trains

Today, the Slovak Railway Company (ZSSK) signed a contract with a consortium of Škoda Transportation and ŽOS Trnava for the purchase of new electrical units.

The subject of the contract is the delivery of 9 pieces of electrical units with a possible option for another 11 pieces. The first 9 new four-car RegioPanters will run in the Košice and Prešov regions. The fleet of these units will thus grow to 34 in Slovakia and up to 45 if the option is exercised. The first nine units will be delivered by the end of 2023 and others according to the order. The value of the contract, including the option, is almost 170 million euros, ie approximately 4.3 billion crowns.

Slovakia has long been a key business partner for us. Passengers already know our units well, of which several types ride here. I am so glad that with each new unit we can show how the level of comfort, safety and sustainability of new trains is shifting.

Petr Brzezina, Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of the Škoda Transportation Group

“Eastern Slovakia needs new trains as salt and good experience from cooperation with Škoda in Žilina and its surroundings, where similar cars have reliably traveled 1.15 million train kilometers, gives us hope that even East Slovaks will not be disappointed,” says Roman Koreň, Chairman of the Board ZSSK.

“Our consortium has already shown the high quality of production and technical solutions in the last order. I am pleased that we will be able to repeat this success and that other Slovak regions will receive our modern units, “added Petr Brzezina.

“Another order for these new electric units confirms that we produce modern and high-quality trains and that passengers are satisfied with them. We are very pleased to extend the cooperation with a strong partner, such as the Škoda Transportation Group, “says Miloš Kyselica, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of ŽOS Trnava.

The new RegioPanter electrical units, which follow on from the currently supplied and successfully operated units, will be supplied for regional operation of electrified lines in the Košice and Prešov regions for speeds of 160 km / h and voltages of 3 kV and 25 kV. All new four-car units will have a length of 106 m and a capacity of 343 seats. Each car in the set will have a classic arrangement of two chassis and each electric unit will always have three drive chassis. Thanks to this, the sets will have excellent driving characteristics on all electrified lines in Slovakia and will enable reliable adherence to the timetable in demanding winter conditions, with changes being incorporated based on customer requirements and operational experience that will further increase passenger comfort. This includes, for example, preparation for the installation of a vending machine, a ticket vending machine, or interior modifications so that the unit has more space for bicycles, skis and other sports equipment.

The wide boarding door together with the fully continuous modern interior without interior doors will enable fast and smooth movement of passengers. Boarding the vehicle will be possible on most standard platforms with a height of 550 mm directly without the need for stairs. For other platforms, boarding will be secured with the help of sliding stairs. “Passengers will especially appreciate the comfortable seating, electrical sockets, air conditioning, stylish LED interior lighting and vehicle equipment with a spacious modern toilet accessible to the disabled. The electric units will also offer an improved camera system, a modern information system with monitors and also high-performance Wi-Fi. The units will also have enough space to transport disabled people, prams, bicycles, skis, snowboards and will also offer easy and barrier-free boarding for all passengers, ”adds Tomáš Ignačák, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Škoda Transportation Group.

As in the previous order, for a total of 25 electrical units, part of the production will take place in ŽOS Trnava, which participates in the production of inserted cars and with the participation of experts from Škoda Transportation in the final connection of cars, revitalization of entire units, tests and preparation for handover to the customer.

Currently, 20 low-floor RegioPanter units are already operating in Slovakia and another 5 will be put into operation by the end of this year. With the new order, ZSSK will have up to 45 units of this type available. These are one of the most successful products of the Škoda Transportation Group. Customers have already signed orders for a total of 250 of these units, of which more than half are in the Czech Republic. However, low-floor electric units from Škoda run not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in Lithuania and Ukraine, and passenger cars from the Škoda Transtech subsidiary carry passengers in Finland. New units for Latvia are currently being produced and a six-piece order has been signed for Estonia.