In Finland there are more than 200 cars produced by Transtech currently in use.

Double-decker cars

Double-decker cars

All our double-decker cars are produced by Transtech – A subsidiary of Škoda Transportation located in Finland. The company‘s portfolio includes several types of double-decker car; namely passenger, steering, restaurant and sleeper cars. All types of car are designed to be pressure-tight with excellent thermal insulation which makes them ideal for use in harsh northern conditions where temperatures drop to -35 °C. The corridor connections are also pressure-tight, ensuring safe and comfortable transfer between cars.

Double-decker cars

All cars are constructed from aluminium and are designed to meet current safety standards so that, in case of collision, the deformation zones absorb the impact and protect the passenger sections of the vehicle.


Track gauge
1 524 mm
Trolley voltage
25 kV
Maximum speed
up to 200 km/h
Overall car body width
3 200 mm
Car height
5 200 mm
Platform height
550 mm above TR
Clear boarding door width
2 100 – 2 200 mm