Electric locomotives

Fibre composites similar to those used in Formula 1 cars were used in the manufacture of the Emil Zátopek railway locomotive.

High performance
Interoperability for european routes
High-speed operation
Low power consumption

Express locomotive

The production of locomotives at Škoda Transportation has a long tradition. The first 1 ELo type electric locomotive was produced in 1927. More than five and a half thousand electric locomotives have been produced since then. The locomotives were designed for different gauges, speeds and power systems.

 The latest Emil Zátopek type locomotives are designed for continuous operation along the railway corridors of all the countries neighbouring the Czech Republic and Hungary. Thanks to the modular design of the electric parts, the locomotives can be operated using different power supply systems – 25 kV/50 Hz and 15 kV /16.7 Hz with AC voltage, and, potentially, 3 kV DC.

 The Emil Zátopek type locomotives are also designed to incorporate economic regenerative braking systems in accordance with the European safety and control system ECTS/ERTMS. Thanks to its versatility, the Emil Zátopek type locomotive can operate throughout Europe.


Wheelset layout B'o B'o
Permanent output 6 400 kW
Gauge 1 435 mm
Wheel diameters 1 250 mm / 1 170 mm
Starting traction force 275 kN
Sustained traction force 220 kN
Weight 88 t
Parameter 109E 109E2 109E3
Power supply systems 3 kv DC
25 kV/50 Hz
15 kV/16,7 Hz
3 kv DC
25 kV/50 Hz
15 kV/16,7 Hz
15 kV/16,7 Hz
Maximum speed 200 km/h 160 km/h 200 km/h
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