Electric locomotives

Fibre composites similar to those used in Formula 1 cars were used in the manufacture of the Emil Zátopek railway locomotive.

High performance
Interoperability for european routes
High-speed operation
Low power consumption

Universal locomotive

The Emil Zátopek locomotive, the most powerful locomotive in the Czech Republic, meets all the demanding technological requirements of the latest TSI European safety regulations.

 At the customer‘s request, the locomotive can be equipped with an external camera system, or frontal information boards.

 The shape of the vehicle body is designed to minimize excess wind noise and frontal wind resistance at high speeds. The cabins of the locomotives are pressure-tight, and of course include heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

 The control system includes a subsystem for operating, service and fault diagnostics. Data from the operations of locomotives are transfered in real time using the Datarail or MIP to a central server for possible further evaluation. It is also possible to use an alternative diagnostic system according to customer requirements.


Parameter UniverSAL LOCOMOTIVE
Wheelset layout B'o B'o
Permanent output 5 000 kW až 6 400 kW
Gauge 1 435 - 1520 mm
Wheel diameters 1 250 mm / 1 170 mm
Starting traction force 300 - 350 kN
Sustained traction force 250 kN up to 310kN
Weight 85 t up to 100 t
Maximum speed 160 km/h
Power supply systems 3 kv DC
1,5 kV
25 kV/50 Hz
15 kV/16,7 Hz
3 kv DC
25 kV/50 Hz
3 kv DC 25 kV/50 Hz
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