Single-deck electric units

The names of the new regiopanter and interpanter trains were selected from competition entries, of which there were more than 15,000.

Modern concept
Optimal energy consumption
Sophisticated technical solutions
Comfortable means of transport

Single-deck electric units

A single-deck electric unit can consist of two to seven cars. Head wagons are always positioned at the end of the unit with the embedded cars between them.

The cars use the classic bogie layout – each car is carried by two separate bogies. The concept of the driving system allows the use of traction bogies under the head and the embedded cars. The overall performance of the vehicle depends on customer requirements and the operational characteristics of the electrical unit. Single-deck electrical units are designed for 1 435 mm and 1520 mm gauge tracks. The width of the vehicle body varies according to the gauge.

The cars have a G1 profile according to either EN 15273-2 or GOST 9238. Low-floor vehicle and wheelchair boarding are guaranteed by the wide range of heights available for the entrance doors. There can be one or two pairs of doors in each car.


Track gauge 1 435 mm / 1 520 mm
Trolley voltage 3 kV DC, 3 kV DC+25 kV/50 Hz, 25 kV/50 Hz, 15 kV/16,7 Hz
Maximum speed 160 km/h
Maximum acceleration Up to 1,1 m/s2
Total body width 2 820 / 3 400 mm
Vehicle / body height 4 260 mm
Boarding height 550 – 760 mm above TK
Width of entrance door 800 – 1 500 mm
Unit output Number of traction engines × 340 kW

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