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Double-deck coaches

The first double-decker passenger car was used on Finnish railways in June 1998. There are currently over 150 of these cars carrying passengers on all major lines. Thanks to their comfort and reliability, the double-decker cars made by Transtech have become a favourite among passengers. The cars have become a success with their spacious and light interior, offering a wide range of services on both floors. The lower floor, which is at platform level, enables easy accessto the car for passengers with reduced mobility. 

Transtech offers three main types of passenger car. The basic model Ed comes with seats for passengers on both floors and also in the end section. The Eds model has been designed especially for families and passengers with reduced mobility. It is divided into two parts. The layout of the lower floor is designed for handicapped people, while  the upper floor offers a play area and a quiet section for passengers with young children. Edfs, the third model in the series, provides a space for passengers with reduced mobility as well as for families with children. Other features of the car include a section for the conductor and a dining section with a cooler.

Contact person:

Antti Korhonen

Phone: +358 40 8621720

Length 26,4 m
Width 3,2 m
Height over TK 5,2 m
Floor height over TK 55 cm
Weight 51 t
Maximum speed 200 km/h
Chassis TB201
Clearance height, upper deck 2,18 m
Clearance height, bottom deck 2,2 m
Number of seats
- Coach (Ed)

113 seats
Equipment Ed coach Eds coach Edfs coach
Air-condition X X X
Pressure-tight coach X X X
PC outlets at all seats X X X
At-seat trolley service X X X
Luggage lockers X X X
GSM/UMTS amplifier X X X
Wi-Fi X X X
Seats marked for the blind X X X
Area for prams and wheelchairs - X X
Services for disabled persons - X X
Play corner for children - X X
Compartment for passengers with children - X X
Compartment for attendants - - X
Dining compartment with cooling device - - X

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