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Double-deck restaurant cars

Transtech‘s very latest product is the restaurant car. These cars complete the portfolio and allow the double-decker cars to operate with a full service for passengers. The passenger section on the upper floor can also be used as a conference room for up to 41 people. The restaurant section on the lower floor includes a kitchen, a sales desk and a dining room. There is a coffee shop at the end of the car on the walk-through floor. It offers an open space for passenger gatherings and it can also be used as a venue for social events. At the other end of the car there is a kiosk, which also takes care of the upper floor service.

Contact person:

Antti Korhonen

Phone: +358 40 8621720

Length 26,4 m
Width 3,2 m
Height over TK 5,2 m
Floor height over TK 55 cm
Weight 56 t
Maximum speed 200 km/h
Chassis TB201
Clearance height, upper deck 2.1 m
Clearance height, bottom deck 2.1 m
Number of passengers (seating/standing places)
- restaurant compartment
- upper deck

Equipment Upper deck Bottom deck Walk-through deck
Air-condition X X X
Information boards X X X
Pressure-tightness X X X
PC outlets at all seats X - -
GSM/UMTS amplifier X X X
Wi-Fi X X X
Seats marked for the blind X - -
Boarding ramp for disabled persons - X -
Sound system connectable to MP3 player X X X
Monitors connectable to PC X - -

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