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Double deck steering cars

Transtech has recently expanded its operations with the production of steering cars. The train cars are connected using the Push-Pull system, which means that the steering car is at one end and the locomotive at the other. This system allows for the train set to be steered from both ends without the need to re-connect the locomotive. All the driver has to do at the final destination is to move from the locomotive cabin into the steering car cabin and the train can simply set off in the opposite direction. These cars are as enjoyable and safe as the double-deck-cars.

Contact person:

Antti Korhonen

Phone: +358 40 8621720

Parameter Double-deck steering cars
Length 27,4 m
Width 3,2 m
Height over TK 5,2 m
Floor height over TK 55 cm
Weight 55 t
Maximum speed 200 km/h
Chassis TB201,TB201Edo
Clearance height, upper deck 2,18 m
Clearance height, bottom deck 2,2 m
Number of seats 101 seats
Equipment Upper deck Bottom deck Walk-through deck
Air-condition X X X
Information boards X X X
Pressure-tightness X X X
PC outlet at all seats X X X
AT-seat trolley service X X X
Luggage lockers X X -
GSM/UMTS amplifier X X X
Wi-Fi X X X
Seats marked for the blind X X X
Bike rack - X -

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