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Electric buses with opportune recharging

The electric bus featuring opportune recharging enables the vehicle’s traction batteries to be recharged from the overhead line. This type of recharging is suitable wherever tram or trolleybus infrastructure is already installed. The batteries are charged by a pantograph on the roof of the vehicle. The great advantage of this solution is that the customer does not have to install any other unique charging infrastructure and can optimise operations for longer daily routes than would otherwise be possible on a single battery charge.

The ŠKODA opportune electric bus recharging system is a unique solution, where the charger can be galvanically isolated either in the vehicle itself, enabling its batteries to be charged practically anywhere within reach of the overhead line, or alternatively outside the vehicle at a fixed charging point. The slow recharging essential for balancing the individual battery cells can be arranged in the same way or the charging system can be fitted with a socket to connect a PLUG IN DC charger of the general automotive standard (COMBO). 

This solution is ideal for demanding customers seeking a way to run environmentally-friendly lines in cities on long routes or routes with complex profiles, or who want to increase transport capacity by reducing the size of the traction batteries. 

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Pavel Kuch

Phone: +420 37818 1048

Length 8 950 mm
Width 2 400 mm
Height 3 400 mm
Motor power 160 kW
Maximum speed 65 km/h
Total number of passengers 55 


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