Double-deck units References Electric Multiple Units Series 575 Lithuania
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Electric Multiple Units Series 575 Lithuania

Škoda Vagonka manufactures a double-decker electric unit of the 575 series for Lithuanian Railways. This train is intended for suburban traffic on electrified lines with a gauge of 1520 mm, which runs at a speed of up to 160 km/hr.

The double-decker unit for Lithuania is manufactured in a two-car and three-car version. The three-car train offers 304 seats and a total capacity of 640 passengers.

The modern high-capacity interior, low-floor entrance with wide doors, air conditioning, a lift for passengers on wheelchairs and other information and security features increase passenger comfort and convenience.

Boarding ramps, folding footboards and barrier-free facilities including toilets with Braille letters facilitate travel for disabled citizens. An internal and external CCTV system increases passenger safety. The trains are also equipped with an Internet connection.

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Contact person:

Ivo Gurňák

Phone: +420 597 477 311

Parameter El. Units Series 575 Lithuania
Length 79 200 mm
Height 4 635 mm
Width 2 820 mm
Number of seats 304
Power 2 000 kW
Max. speed 160 km/h

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