Double-deck units References Electric Multiple Units Series 675 Ukraine
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Electric Multiple Units Series 675 Ukraine

Škoda Vagonka and Škoda Transportation have manufactured a new electric double-decker train of the 675 series for Ukrainian Railways. This type is especially designed for inter-regional traffic on Ukrainian tracks with a guage of 1520 mm.

Given the considerable distances, passengers will surely appreciate the top speed of 160 km/hr. The train cars are specially adapted to manage the difficult weather conditions in Ukraine, with a temperature range of ± 40 °C.

This is a dual-system train that consists of six cars.

1st and 2nd class modern high-capacity interior, comfortable seats, air conditioning, Wi-Fi internet connection, vending machines and television screens significantly increase passenger comfort. Each motor car also contains eight places for bicycles.

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Contact person:

Ivo Gurňák

Phone: +420 597 477 311

Parameter El. Units Series 675 Ukraine
Length 158 400 mm
Height 5 000 mm
Width 2 820 mm
Number of seats 536
Power 4 000 kW
Max. speed 160 km/h

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