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Škoda Transportation’s customer care does not end with the delivering of units to customers. Regular high-quality service is carried out on both single-deck and multi-deck electric units. This concerns, for example, the state-of-the-art single-deck RegioPanter units. The first nineteen units were produced for Czech Railways. Seven of these three-coach units are operated in Děčín and another five in Hradec Králové. In České Budějovice, regular train connections consist of two to three RegioPanter units in a multiple unit control. Three multi-system three-coach trains can also be seen operating in Olomouc.

Double-deck three-coach electric 471 CityElefant units were delivered to Czech Railways. Seventy-two of these units are operated and serviced in Prague and its surroundings, and an additional eleven are operated and serviced in Bohumín. The modern electric units meet the strict conditions of the European market, and their warranty service and thus the everyday availability of the entire fleet of these modern units is taken for granted. Other similar types of double-deck units are operated and serviced in Lithuania, Slovakia and Ukraine. It is the experience from several countries around the world which constitutes a guarantee of the quality of service provided by Škoda Transportation.  

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